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Posted on 06-18-2013

20 Truths Regarding Health and Healing

Today we bring you 20 truths about health and healing to enhance your knowledge on the wellness lifestyle and chiropractic care.

  1. Stress causes subluxation
  2. It’s not how you are feeling but how you are healing that matters
  3. Only 10% of your entire nerve system carries or perceives pain
  4. The foundation of wellness begins with the arc of life
  5. Corrective care restores 100% nerve supply, wellness care sustains 100% nerve supply
  6. If your spine was on your face, you’d take better care of it
  7. Families under regular chiropractic care are some of the healthiest families in the world
  8. You can’t feel subluxation, that’s why you should get regular checkups
  9. Your spine and nerve supply should be properly maintained from birth
  10. Life flows ADIO: Above, Down, Inside, Out
  11. An optimal spine equals optimal health
  12. Posture is the window to your spine
  13. The power is in the panel
  14. The power that made your body is the power that heals your body
  15. The master control is the nervous system
  16. Subluxation robs your body of focus to think and metabolism to heal
  17. When breakdown exceeds repair, it equals disease
  18. When repair exceeds breakdown, it equals wellness
  19. The body replaces itself every 90 days
  20. The goal of chiropractic is lifetime wellness for the whole family

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