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Patient Success Stories

These testimonials are from real patients just like you. Take a look at how Chiropractic can give you a healthier life.


"Living with pain is exhausting.  Its omnipotent presence affects everything.  It prevents you from sleeping well.  It inhibits your ability to work to your potential.  It can even start to influence your personality.  My pain, caused by subluxations from a bad car accident, was something I lived with everyday.  My neck was plagued with a knot the size of an avocado pit and I suffered from regular, debilitating headaches.  I resigned myself to this pain until another patient recommended Ryan Chiropractic.  I started seeing Dr. Ryan in 2009 and soon realized that when my spine was aligned, pain was no longer a part of my everyday life.  Since then, the Ryan Chiropractic Team has become a part of my weekly routine.  No matter when I come in, I am always met with warm smiles and educated about how help my body heal naturally.  The Ryan Chiropractic Team goes above and beyond traditional health care organizations, and I am eternally grateful for everything they have and continue to do for me." - Jessica. C.


"Eighteen months ago, I was constantly fidgeting in my seat as my back and neck were so sore, it was hard to sit still. On a regular basis, I suffered from migraines and intense seasonal allergies. Chiropractic care was not something I sought out as a remedy for anything more than back and neck relief mainly because I did not know there was a connection! Over time, I have been amazed at all of the elements of my life that have improved since I joined Ryan Chiropractic in September of 2010! I have not suffered a migraine in over a year and this year. This spring, I have not had one day where I felt like my allergies were getting the best of me. My posture has improved, my range of motion is greater and I can sit still comfortably. I work in an office, so I am now cognizant of getting up every hour or so to move and stretch. I also know that when I do my at home stretches, I have better adjustments. I am not perfect, and at times, I can still be my own worst enemy when it comes to my spinal health but I have learned so much about my body and its needs from Dr. Ryan that the changes I have made coupled with his expertise have changed my life. Thanks Dr. Ryan!" - L.R.


"I came to Ryan Chiropractic with sciatic nerve pain - just woke up one day and it was there. Two friends that week suggested chiropractic care - one mentioned that there was a good chiropractor right across Route 10 from my house. I decided to try it since I knew many used it to relieve lower back pain. At least I would get a complete X-ray of my back. I was surprised that pressure was off the nerve after my first adjustment. Little did I know that three weeks into my treatment, I would need to travel for a family emergency. Without chiropractic and the quick relief, I hate to think how I could endure handling the activities before and after my mom's death. After 3 months, I have been happy with my progress in overall spinal health thanks to the professional and moral support of Dr. Patrick and Dr. Gerri Ryan."      -Cathy J.


"I have been a patient of Ryan Chiropractic for almost 2 years. I was suffering from severe migraine headaches and seasonal allergies. I was on two prescriptions and two inhalers for my allergies. Since my time here at Dr. Ryan's I have not had a migraine! Also, last week I came in with severe lower back pain and pain in my ribs. After my adjustment I felt so much better. When I woke up the next morning, my pain was completely gone. Thank you to everyone at Ryan Chiropractic for making me feel so much better. But most importantly thanks for all of the smiles and caring every time I walk through your doors!" - L.D.


"Did chiropractic care save my life? Absolutely not, however it did save my quality of life. I could have easily just ignored the pain in my neck and shoulders. But why live with in pain when there is a simple solution? Often people have lived with pain so long that they just adapt to it. You may even think, like I did, that your pain is so insignificant that it hardly requires medical attention, but if you are interested in getting back to the days of yore, when your body moved freely and effortlessly, I implore you to give chiropractic care a shot. Who knows, you may feel better than you ever did, at least that is what happened to me."

"To those of you who have had experience with chiropractic care and did not achieve desired results, I am willing to bet the contents of my wallet (don't get your hopes up, it's not much) that you did not seek the care of Dr. Ryan. Many chiropractors practice what I call "cookie cutter chiropractic's." This is when a chiropractor throws you down on the table and cracks your neck and back the same way he would for other patients and says to you, "okay, you are all set." I believe that this is why chiropractors have a bad reputation. However, Dr. Ryan is not like this. Rather, he will take x-rays of your problem areas and develop a program that is tailored to your specific needs. The results that follow from this individualized approach cannot be adequately placed into words. It is just one of those things that you need to experience for yourself."

"Allow me to tell you my experience with Ryan Chiropractic. I am twenty-four years old and make my living teaching students the mechanics of baseball. Needless to say, a healthy body and bone structure are one of the keys to my success. Before Dr. Ryan's program I had shoulder issues from throwing hundreds of baseballs a day. Although there was no pain present, I felt as though I could not throw as hard as I used to. After discussing this issue with Dr. Ryan, he took x-rays of my shoulder and discovered that my arm was so far out of my socket that it prevented me from correctly flexing my rotator cuff. After a month of adjustments, I picked up a ball one day and discovered my velocity was back. I was throwing harder then I ever did. I thought to myself, "why didn't I seek this treatment before?" Like many of you, I was ignorant to the effects that quality, and personalized chiropractic care can provide. No longer do I live in the dark, now I am a huge advocate for chiropractic care."

"So to those of you still on the fence, give it a try with Dr. Ryan. I promise that you will not regret it; besides, what is the worst that could happen? It is inexpensive compared to an orthopedist and far more effective. Seeking chiropractic care is a life altering decision that no one should debate." - Ryan Z.


"Dr. Ryan, I can't thank you enough for the adjustment last Thursday which alleviated my vertigo. I was due to demonstrate my ability and competency for advancement to second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do on Sun, Oct. 12th, and the dizziness was so debilitating it seemed like three months of training would be lost and the test would be postponed another three months. I felt another adjustment would be necessary to carry me through. Because you were not available Saturday, you volunteered to meet me Friday evening after my class for a second adjustment. This was going above and beyond the call of duty, particularly since my arrival was at 9:30 pm. However, meet we did and you performed a second adjustment. I am happy to report I successfully performed and earned the rank of second degree black belt. Thank you so much!" - Peggy M.


"Four months ago I did some heavy lifting and in the process injured my back. Not getting any relief from the pain in several weeks, my daughter suggested that a trip to Dr. Ryan's office might be helpful. Having had no previous experience with Chiropractic treatments I was somewhat hesitant to give it a try. Dr. Ryan assured me that he could help if I would commit to treatment for some time. Today, several weeks later the pain in my left leg is gone and back is much improved. I sleep and feel much better all around. I am glad I went this route and did not depend on medications to deal with the problem." - E.K.


"I wanted to thank you for your help yesterday. I was hurting in a new and worse way and your skill and persistence made all of the difference. I felt better after I left and have been getting better since the visit. Thanks for accommodating me as well." - Tom P.


"For the last 6 to 8 weeks, I have been having problems with my right elbow, shoulder, wrist and thumb. I had little pain in the beginning but as the weeks went by the pain increased. Occasionally, I would experience pain if the elbow was bent, but it was mainly concentrated in the back part of my elbow. Within the last 2 weeks I was losing range of motion. Dr. Patrick Ryan has been adjusting me on a regular basis for many years now and recently became certified to adjust extremities."

"In November of 2010, I found myself waiting for my low back pain to 'settle in' for the day. I had gotten so used to this daily annoyance that it seemed like just another part of my mornings: wake up, get ready for work, and settle into my desk chair only to feel the all too familiar knot form in the lower right region of my back. But the morning that my right foot swelled until it could barely fit in my shoe, I knew my body was not realizing its optimum."

"I sought the aid of Ryan Chiropractic with the hope that Dr. Ryan could, first, shed some light on the connection between my two symptoms, and, second, that he could at least alleviate the swelling so I could go back to my normal routine. My visits to Ryan Chiropractic have far exceeded what I envisioned."

"By the time I climbed back into my car after my first visit, I realized that going back to my normal routine was setting the bar too low. A burden had been lifted; although I knew it would take time and diligence, I felt absolutely reassured that I would soon start my day no longer waiting for the low back pain."

"Beyond pain relief, I have received something much more important from my visits to Ryan Chiropractic: confirmation and knowledge. My initial x-ray confirmed a direct cause of my symptoms. Dr. Gerri and Dr. Patrick armed me with the tools I would need to allow my body to realize its healthiest form: exercises, scheduled adjustments and healthy habits."

"The benefits have been numerous. I have made the connection between subluxation and lack of well-being. In addition to pain relief, my seasonal allergies have improved. The yearly ear infection, followed up with a round of antibiotics to which I have become accustomed, is something of the past. I continue to learn more and more as a patient of Ryan Chiropractic, and I am confident that my journey to optimal health is well underway." - Joy W.


"I have been seeing Dr Patrick Ryan for about 2 months and I am really pleased and impressed with the Ryan Chiropractic experience. I was suffering from sharp pain in my neck and shoulder which prohibited me from my normal routine of working, exercising, walking my dogs and even lying down was a struggle. In addition to the sharp pain, I also experienced numbness in my left hand through my fingers making it impossible to type, hold items and wash my hair. The pain was really disrupting my life. Being new to the area, I started my research for chiropractic care online. I made several calls and distinctly remember why I selected Ryan Chiropractic. Dr Gerri Ryan answered my call and took the time to listen to my issues and talk to me about my options. Other offices that I contacted were quick to book an appointment without me even explaining why I was reaching out to them. When I first visited Ryan Chiropractic, I was greeted by name and the entire staff really took the time to explain what steps I might consider to ease the pain I was experiencing. Dr Patrick Ryan, who adjusts me, thoroughly described his strategy; what he would do and what I can do to reach optimal health. I was impressed by the technology that Ryan Chiropractic offers and appreciate that I can visually compare my progress as I continue my adjustments. In a very short period of time after being adjusted I felt relief. I was able to resume my normal life and activities. In addition to feeling better, I became more aware of my habits that caused the pain and modified those habits. I have also been paying closer attention to my diet. I've increased eating fruits and vegetables and make an effort to drink more water and take my vitamins. Combing these good habits with my adjustments really has made a difference in my life. I thought I had a healthy spine, but I didn't. I'm sure many of us think we are perfectly healthy because we generally feel fine, but why wait for pain or illness to begin caring for the center of communication for your body? It really isn't human nature to seek help until there is a problem, but I absolutely recommend Ryan Chiropractic to anyone who wants to overall live a healthier life, not just treat an ailment." - Jennifer M.


"I came to see Dr. Ryan at 36 + weeks of my pregnancy because my midwife thought my baby was in a less than optimal position. After two visits, the baby moved into a more optimal position - better for mom and for baby! Thank you Dr. Ryan!" - M.A.


"I have been coming to see Dr. Ryan for about 8 1/2 years - I first came after I had taken a long car ride under stressful conditions and I just didn't recover. Instead I had persistent low back pains, which finally motivated me to seek chiropractic care. First, I came for adjustments twice a week then graduated to "maintenance". I just kept coming because after the initial pain relief, I sensed subtle changes. After a few years, Dr. Ryan told me that I was "proof" that structural changes could take place with chiropractic care - even though I had my 60th birthday some time ago! Gradually, although I still experience occasional pain or stiffness with exertion or stress, I have noticed increased stamina. Now, I routinely see people my age having back surgery, joint replacements, retiring, being out on extended sick leave - but I work full-time, after adding a weekend day for 6 days a week. I simply feel stronger and I credit my subtly, gradually strength to week after week, year after year of chiropractic care. In the meantime, I have added yoga, try to eat moderately and nutritiously, and get regular rest. So, my commitment to my well-being has increased. And I have an attitude change too - now I am grateful to be able to work, to be strong and useful. I want to continue, not ignoring the passage of time, but rather "aging gracefully". - Donita A.


"Since I have coming to Dr. Ryan's office for Chiropractic Care, the sharp pain that I had in my neck is now gone. Also, I have not been able to smell for a long time and now since I've under gone Chiropractic Care I can. Thank You Dr. Patrick!!!" - Russ B.


"Our 8 year old son has had a dry cough every winter for his life - we've tried inhalers and meds that his pediatrician has prescribed - the cough wakes us up at night and heads turn when in public. After 1 year of monthly chiropractic visits to Doc Ryan - we are happy to report that the winter of 2010-2011 has been cough free. Our son also takes Juice Plus - we are so grateful to Doc for his knowledge and help. We live in Port Jervis, New York and drive one hour and ten minutes (one way!) to see Doc Ryan. Thank you for helping our family!" - Shannon and Jim Startup


"It took three months, but I feel so much better! It was worth every minute and every penny, and I am not even done with my treatment plan yet. I have increased my mobility and flexibility that exercise alone was not improving. Chronic pain is no longer my norm. All thanks Dr. Gerri and Dr. Patrick!" - Lilly S.


"It used to hurt when I tried to sit up straight, but now when I do - it doesn't hurt!" - Olivia, age 9


"For over 15 years I've lived with back pain that's limited my contracting work and the many activities I love. I had medical procedures to help the herniated discs including epidural injections and a regimen of Vioxx and other strong prescription drugs. I never felt the problem was being cured and the drug side effects (death) were pretty serious. Over time, with diet, abdominal exercises and lots of Ibuprofen I was able to resume golfing, skiing and biking. When I strained my back two months ago, I was in more pain than ever before. The sciatica was so severe that I was bed ridden for 5 days. No amount of anti-inflammatory drugs would relieve the nerve pinch and resulting muscle pain and weakness. After a week of immobility, I knew that rest wasn't the solution. My spine needed repair. The results from my first exam at Ryan Chiropractic weren't that surprising. My muscles were strong but my spine was misaligned and stressed. In builder lingo, my foundation needed a renovation. Two months of adjustments have begun that renovation. I feel a marked difference in my posture and overall health. I have resumed most of my normal daily activities and my leg strength continues to improve. Best of all, the recovery time has been a fraction of the previous ones. When comparing my current recuperation with previous ones that did not include chiropractic care, there are glaring differences. Ibuprofen and inactivity were the two main ingredients to my previous "recoveries". With Ryan Chiropractic, these ingredients are replaced with adjustments, smart diet and exercise. I feel better than I have in years and I know that I truly am on the road to recovery. Thanks Ryan Chiropractic!" - Joe C.


"Ryan Chiropractic has helped increase my physical performance in football by reducing the pain. My neck and back were often sore. During chiropractic care they felt better and allowed me to have a great football season." - K.D.Y


"In the seven days following my first adjustment by Dr. Ryan, I have not taken any Advil. Prior to coming to the clinic I was taking up to 1200 milligrams of Advil per day for lower back pain and discomfort. Today, prior to my visit to Dr. Ryan's I plan to play my first golf game free of pain and without the aid of drugs." -W.H.


"Ryan Chiropractic has really helped me. When I first hurt myself then pain was really bad, but once I started getting adjusted day by day the pain decreased and decreased until I couldn't feel the pain anymore. Going to Ryan Chiropractic really helped because now it is easier for me to play my favorite sports without feeling any pain!" -KRJ


"I came to Dr. Ryan 1 year ago for help with my 1½ year old son Nick, who was having issues with excessive ear wax. My pediatrician wanted to put tubes in his ears and I was looking for a safer solution. I am pleased to say, that for the first time in Nick's life (he is 2½ now), he had absolutely no wax in his ears. He has also had fewer colds and quicker recovery times since Dr. Ryan has been adjusting him! I also became a patient in February 2009 and have seen a great deal of improvement in my health since then. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you have done!" - Stacy and Nick


"I first came to Ryan Chiropractic a few days before I was to leave for a month-long trip to Europe and was not able to move. My lower back was extremely painful and I could not imagine spending 8 hours in a plane or walking for hours through the European cities my husband and I had planned on visiting. After 3 adjustments my pain was almost gone and I enjoyed our European adventure. When I came back to the United States, I also found out that I had gotten pregnant while in Europe. This was a miracle! My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for three years. Throughout my pregnancy, I continued to have weekly adjustments and suffered no back pain whatsoever. My baby is now three months old and he too benefited from being adjusted. He had trouble turning his head to the left side and after only two adjustments he is doing much better. I would never have thought that chiropractic could do so much for anyone, but I would definitely give it a try!" -L.K


"I have a better outlook in life due in part to the care and treatment I have received from Dr. Patrick Ryan. I have more flexibility and strength. Re-occurring hip and lower back problems are almost non-existent. Thank you! - John C. have suffered with migraines for about 10 years. They would often be severe enough to land me in bed for a day or two. Since I began chiropractic care about 18 months ago, I have found that my migraines are less frequent and less severe. Another benefit has been that my middle back (thoracic) pain is non-existent and I no longer wake up with lower back pain and stiffness. Thank you Dr. Patrick!" - Joanne P.


"I had continuing severe pain in my right shoulder and neck for months, and woke up every morning with a headache! After just a few adjustments, the headache and the neck pain went away. My shoulder is noticeably better and continues to improve!" - Jack M.


"I was in a car accident on Route 10 & totaled my car. My airbags went off, I had seatbelt and steering wheel bruises, etc. It was not an experience I ever want to repeat!!! Dr. Patrick was the first person to offer me help. He brought me into the office on his day off, checked me out, and adjusted me within the hour. The most pain I felt from this accident was the bruise on my collarbone and a little stiffness and soreness the next two days, comparable to how I would feel after a strenuous workout at the gym. I truly believe that the reason I am OK is because I have been under regular chiropractic care for months and I was looked at and adjusted right away. I am truly grateful to both Dr. Patrick and Dr. Gerri for their incredible support on the day of my accident and for taking the time to make sure I was fine. If you are EVER in a car accident, PLEASE get checked by your chiropractor right away!" -Aimee M.


"Needless to say, I was dreading the allergy season which turned out to be the worst on record. I wasn't looking forward to days of cluster headaches and sinus congestion. "Kudos" to Dr. Ryan! I started getting adjusted last fall and "breezed" through this allergy season with only 2 headaches that lasted for a few hours! My intake of medications was drastically reduced as well. I firmly believe that my adjustments have improved not only my allergies, but my state of wellness as well!" -C.C.


"Since returning to Dr. Ryan's care in May of this year, I have seen a dramatic and remarkable improvement in my physical health and energy levels. I had been dealing with severe shoulder pain that was not reacting to pain medication. I was even considering possible surgical solutions. I wanted to explore alternative methods and ended up returning to Dr. Ryan's office after a several year absence. After the first few adjustments, I began to notice a gradual yet steady reduction in pain levels. I have since discontinued all prescription pain medication. Coupled with an increase in exercise and an improved diet, I feel healthy, active and optimistic about my overall well being." -Dennis K.


"Dr. Ryan helped me get through the awful experience of a pinched nerve in my back, which caused terrible pain and numbness down my left leg and into my knee. Dr. Patrick actually came to my house twice on New Year's Eve when I could not get into the car to get to his office. Because of the horrible pain, I could not even stand up; I was forced to constantly hunch over. Dr. Patrick ordered an MRI which revealed I have 2 herniated discs and a pinched nerve. At this time I was referred to a neurological surgeon. I made an appointment with him and kept taking the pain killers that were prescribed by my regular doctor, which did not help. I saw Dr. Patrick 4 times a week for the next three weeks. After 25 days the pain in my leg left is gone and I am almost back to normal. I did go see the neurologist/surgeon who told me to continue whatever I was doing because it was working! Dr. Patrick helped me get back on my feet and slowly the pain left. He always encouraged me that it would pass and I would get well. Dr. Patrick truly cares for his patients and their families. He is concerned for their total wellness both body and mind. I am thankful that Dr. Patrick is so committed to his patients and that I am one of them."  - A.K.


"After 5 consecutive ear infections, my daughter's pediatrician was pressing for her to have tubes put into her ears. My husband and I did not feel that tubes were the answer. They were a quick fix to a problem that could resurface again in the future. We also were not comfortable with the idea of surgery on our 10 month old. We heard about pediatric chiropractic from friends and co-workers whose children had similar problems. We decided to give it a try. After a couple of months with Dr. Ryan, our daughter not only was cold-free, but the fluid in her ears disappeared! Our daughter is the healthiest she's been in a really long time!!!" - Paula W.


"Thanks for the adjustment! I'm not sure how to explain it but my body feels so much lighter and easier to move now. It was taking an awful lot of effort and energy just to keep it moving this morning. From yesterday feeling about a .1 on a scale of 10, I'm up to about a 7 now and tomorrow I know will be even better. I'm sure if I would have showed up at an MD's office looking and feeling as I did yesterday, I would currently have about 9 more days left on prescriptions they would have given me. I will never give up telling people about you and chiropractic! Thanks Again!!!!" - Laura H.


"I am a 21-year-old college student and I am also in the Army. Three weeks prior to "training camp," I strained a groin muscle and figured there would be no chance I'd be at 100% for camp. This was because it was my second groin strain in three months, and the first took over six weeks to be almost at full strength. And that was with the aid of physical therapy. My dad made a comment to Dr. Patrick about it and he said he could help. Sure enough after only a couple adjustments it felt extremely better and after two weeks I felt like it was stronger than after the six weeks of the first strain. I am still amazed at how quickly I was able to heal!" - Josh K.


"I suffered from Fibromyalgia for 15 years. I visited numerous doctors, all with different approaches involving various medications-muscle relaxers, anti-depressants, sleep aids, and pain relievers. Each of those medications had side effects I then had to deal with in addition to the pain (from which I never had any relief). I began treatment with Dr. Ryan on February 12th. At that time I could barely walk and the level of pain throughout my entire body was almost unbearable. Within 5-6 weeks of treatment I experienced a tremendous increase in my levels of energy and stamina, diminished levels of overall body pain, more fluid body movements, more restful sleep, and I actually experienced a few brief moments of no pain! After 15 years of treatments involving countless medications I have never felt as good as I do now after only a few weeks of treatment with Dr. Ryan (with no meds)." - JoAnne T.


Dear Dr. Ryan,

I just want to thank you for all you have done for my mom, J.T. I haven't seen her feeling this good in so long. Before she came to see you, she was having trouble walking and doing everyday activities. Now we take walks together, and she just has so much more energy. I can't explain what it's like to watch my mom suffer and not be able to help her. I would give anything for her not to hurt anymore. I am so glad that she has found you and that you are able to help her. Thank you for giving me my mom back.

Sincerely, Nicky T.


"I have been under chiropractic care with Dr. Ryan for the past 11 months. Previous to that, I was under care from other chiropractors; however, none had the comprehensive health and wellness program that I was looking for. Until I became a patient of Dr. Ryan, I had no idea about the health I could achieve. I used to be under the impression, like many others still are, that getting a cold, or the occasional headache was 'normal'. Being an elementary school teacher, I am constantly surrounded by runny noses, sore throats, and stomach bugs. I thought it was inevitable that I kept 'catching' what they had. Boy was I wrong! Since starting care almost a year ago, taking supplements recommended by Dr. Ryan, and making small lifestyle changes, I have enjoyed my healthiest year yet! Through seminars, weekly adjustments, and books recommended by Dr. Ryan, I am now aware of how my body works - from the inside out."

"Besides being an elementary school teacher, I am also a group fitness instructor. There have been many times that I have come into the office with my back and shoulders so sore that they hurt to even touch. Dr. Ryan's adjustments provide me with immediate relief from my soreness so I can perform each class 100%."

"Dr. Ryan is truly committed to his patients' health and well being. He gives guidance and explanations so that his patients understand how the body works and heals itself. I am grateful for the wonderful care that is provided to me. I am also thankful that my mother, father, and sister are under his care as well! It means a great deal to me that he is taking care of my family. The ongoing knowledge that is provided to me has made me feel extremely confident in explaining the benefits of chiropractic to others. I am happy to now be so connected and aware of my mind, body, and spirit." - Lauren B.


"Every morning for the past few years I have been waking up with a numbing feeling in my hands. The morning after my first adjustment I was pleasantly surprised. It was the first time I could remember not having that numbing feeling. I'm looking forward to my future care and improved health. Thank you Dr. Patrick." - E.L.


"Thank you so much for how much you have helped me. I was tired of living with pain, especially when the pain kept me from sleeping, working out and even walking. I have been to other chiropractors, but none have had this improvement as quickly and drastically as with Ryan Chiropractic! Thanks!" - A.N.


"Since I have been treated by Dr. Ryan, I have felt more alive and the pains are going away. I feel more energetic and with a bounce in my step. Thank you Dr. Ryan and his staff for making me feel great."       - P.G.


"My husband and I began receiving chiropractic care for completely different reasons. I began my care to help alleviate pain from lower back problems and my husband simply wanted to improve his overall range of motion for Karate. In a relatively short time, we were both so impressed with our respective health improvements and with our new-found overall feeling of well-being that we decided to bring our children in to meet with Dr. Ryan." - Christine P.


"On May 10, 2011, Dr. Ryan asked me to come in for an x-ray of my shoulder and elbow. These digital x-rays were ready as soon as they were taken and where checked by Dr. Ryan within a few minutes. He now could see what was causing the problem; my scapula was in the incorrect position. After being adjusted, I felt an immediate difference and within a few days my range of motion improved and the pain in my elbow decreased by 75%. It will take a few adjustments Dr. Ryan said, but it will get better. No medicines to take and no Physical Therapy needed. - Jennie D. Having panic attacks is now a thing of the past thank goodness for me...chronic stress was definitely the cause. Eating better, regular exercise and CHIROPRACTIC have all been the key for me. Panic attacks are a scary thing It made me feel "weak" but I actually realized I needed to "lower" my threshold for pain. Whereas in the past I thought it was great to think I had a "High" tolerance for pain. Not the case now. Creating better boundaries and learning to say "no" without guilt all are ways to help those panic attacks, but definitely Chiropractic has (I believe) been my FIRST line of defense against warding off the "flight/fight" response for me. THANKS RYAN CHIROPRACTIC!" - Wanda H.

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